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Overview and information about our Payment System:

Follow these steps to use the PayButton:

Charging Bookings:

  • Open a Booking to access information and the PayButton tab.

  • You can open reservations anywhere in the system.

Charges and Card Information:

  • When you open the booking/reservation you can see the charges under the  “Charges and Payments” tab.

  • If you want to add new charges (e.g. breakfast) you can do so here.

Charging EUR/ISK

  • Select the “PayButton” tab and choose the applicable currency. Currencies available are Euro or ISK. You can always select either one.

  • Click the “Charge” button to process the payment.

Payment Processed:

  • Now you have processed your payment

Flag after Payment:

  • Want to flag a booking? Use the “Flag” field in “Detail” tab to mark your booking as “Paid“ for instance. This highlights which bookings are paid in your reservation lists and calendar.

  • It is also possible to create auto action that triggers a change in the “Flag” after a payment is made.

Updated/New Card information:

  • If you need to update or put in new credit card information you can do it under the “Charges and Payments” tab.

  • To open the credit card field press show and enter your password (same as for logging into Godo Property).

  • Now go to Pay Button and follow the previous steps.

Credit Card Information:

  • This window will appear at the bottom of the “Charges and Payments” tab. If needed, you can update the Credit Card information.

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